Chia seeds stuck in my teeth….

Ah, the not so glamorous side of eating healthy. I am still trying to dig out chia seeds from my teeth after my lunch salad… Gee whiz.  So I’m into day 3 (?) of our lifestyle change…. talk about craziness… There is still pop in my fridge because my husband INSISTS on drinking it instead … Continue reading

One of those days….

Today was stressful, to say the least. Robb and I has a tiss this morning that was far from civil. So I ended up having to take the two muchkins to the grocery store with me…. I mean Who wouldn’t want to take 2 children under the age of 2 with them to go grocery … Continue reading

So Our Journey Begins…

Robb & I are so excited! Today was our first ever Raw Milk pick up from our local co-cop. Having this amazing “super food” in our fridge and finally obtainable to us, is just astounding. We also got some veggies and some other organic things at the co-op. On Friday, I completely cleared our fridge … Continue reading