One of those days….

Today was stressful, to say the least. Robb and I has a tiss this morning that was far from civil. So I ended up having to take the two muchkins to the grocery store with me…. I mean Who wouldn’t want to take 2 children under the age of 2 with them to go grocery shopping??? (ha) 


So as I am trying to breastfeed Jude, eat my lunch and keep bellah from knocking over her high chair in the food lounge at our local Health Food Supermarket…. I became so unbelievably exhausted, worn down and just down right done. Yeah, Just. Done. 

Sometimes I have days where life is all peachy great with sugary sweetness on top and then some days I have days like today… Awful, make me want to just crawl into a corner, and for everyone to just leave me alone… 5 minutes of quiet time with no tv on, is like pure bliss. 


I don’t really have a point… or a conclusion, or some life-changing revelation…. I’m just blah. 

The Food today was awesome though, I had 2 PAstured organic eggs cooked in coconut oil for breakfast… a salad for lunch, and Grass feed, organic beef in einkorn spaghetti with a tomato sauce i got from our local Co-op… delish! 


Right now I’m just trying to wrap up my chores… so i can sit and relax for the grammy’s tonight. 


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