Chia seeds stuck in my teeth….

Ah, the not so glamorous side of eating healthy. I am still trying to dig out chia seeds from my teeth after my lunch salad… Gee whiz. 

So I’m into day 3 (?) of our lifestyle change…. talk about craziness… There is still pop in my fridge because my husband INSISTS on drinking it instead of throwing it out… because its expensive…. all the more reason to find other “expensive” ways to spend our money… like on healthy stuff that actually benefits our lives, haha!!! 

I think we’re going to sign up for another gallon of raw milk as well, two just isn’t cutting it… we’re only on tuesday and we only have about a gallon left… we just love milk too much in this house! these last couple of days I have had some stomach issues, feel really yucky.. but i think its because of the adjustment. We’ll see how it pans out in the next couple of days. Jude seems so much happier today, hasn’t been crying hardly at all, hoping it sticks. 

Oh and we’ve moved bellah into her own room to sleep at night…. its actually been an easier transition that what we had thought. But i think it helps that her daddy is sleeping in there with her until she’s completely out, then he comes to bed… wondering if it will get bad when he no longer lays down with her. 



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